The Scapegoat Daughter's Guide
to Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Where you will officially release the heavy guilt, shame + paralyzing inner critic.


Create the life that you never thought was possible for yourself.


8 growth workbooks

that you’ll work on privately to help you develop your own self-trust, worth and identity. It has also been said that the process is extremely therapeutic for those who don’t ever get the chance to write out and witness all of their thoughts.

8 private 1:1 calls

where we break down what showed up in that week's workbook and also answer any doubts, concerns or questions in your reality at that current time.

Life Changing NLP Techniques

techniques that will help you release the shame, anger, sadness, guilt and fear in 60 mins or less. (believe me, these actually work.) .

Thank you Amanda. I don’t mean to be cheesy but thank you for inspiring me, being a sounding board and for
helping me to change my entire life.

— Aubrey D.


week 1 - intro + life assessment

where you’ll break down your current reality while also getting super clear on where you want to go in each area of your life.

week 2 - identity

where you’ll discover who it is you actually are outside of the limited confines of growing up with a narcissistic parent.

week 3 - boundaries

where you’ll break down and rebuild your relationship with boundaries so you can start implementing and feeling good about it.

week 4 - self-sabotage + fear of

where you’ll discover what’s really happening underneath, why you can’t let yourself succeed and why feeling good can sometimes feel too threatening.

week 5 - relationships, trust + fear of abandonment

where you’ll uncover your internal conversations around feelings and emotions, gain more clarity on why you may keep repeating the same patterns and everything you need to know about to heal that.

week 6 - false hope + self doubt

where you’ll dig deep and find out what fears are going on underneath that may be keeping you in the suffering longer than you’d prefer.  

week 7 - forgiveness

where you’ll untangle your relationship with forgiveness and see what are possible ways that forgiveness is bigger than the relationship with your mom.

week 8 - gratitude

because what we focus on, we get more of. This is also where you’ll learn how to be proud of yourself and all that you’ve overcome.

+ 4 Extra Bonus exercises designed to help you create clarity when you’re feeling unfocused, help you set and accomplish big, seemingly outlandish goals (which i know you have!) — and also help you to understand your relationship with money and what’s important to you.

Because the more we know, the more we can rise up to our fullness and potential.   

Cheers to finally becoming the clear, focused, centered and empowered women we’ve always wanted to be.