Break Up With Your Mother: The Membership

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Full on video trainings, essential workbooks, educational pdfs, special guest trainings, master-classes, group accountability and monthly community calls, with me + the rest of our amazing like-minded community!


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So there's a lot of information out there about narcissism but what there isn't, is specific community support for the daughter's of narcissistic abuse. Which is why I've created The Membership as an all in one platform that will fulfill all of your healing needs, no matter where you are on your journey. Here's what I mean:

learning about narcissism

perfect for those who need an all in one education platform in addition to specific support where they can ask their personal questions as well as community support to feel less alone.


ideal for those who have consumed a lot of information and have been at the implementation/'building new identity' stage for period of time -- because whether you have your own therapist or not, this community support will provide much needed validation and clarification that you're on the right path.


a perfect addition for those who have done the research, have chosen themselves, have had the conversations and implemented all the boundaries and are just looking for a supportive container where they can continue to stay healthy and on track.

'I could not be more excited! Not only do I look forward to learning more from Amanda as I continue my healing journey but I look forward to getting to know other women with similar backgrounds and having us support one another.'

— Aubrey D.

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Whether you're looking for an all in one platform, straight to the point educational videos, direct attention on very specific pain points or simply just community support to feel less alone, Break Up With Your Mother: The Membership has your back.

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